Fire of Anatolia

A synthesis of hundreds of folkdance figures and music from different regions, Fire of Anatolia is a unique project whose source is Anatolia’s ancient mythological and cultural history.

Produced by Mustafa Erdogan, the group hopes to introduce the world to the fire that arises from the ancient mosaic of love, cultural history and peace in Anatolia. The Fire of Anatolia, which is regarded as one of the best dance groups of the world because of countless international tours and various promotional activities has taken great steps in realizing this goal.

Costumes were created and music was composed. The group worked night and day under the supervision of dieticians, esthetics, exercise, and massage specialists. Stretching and yoga were also incoporated. Folk dances, ballet, and modern dance were the center of training. Dancers took theoretical instructions on the notation of Anatolian rhythms. The show was planned to tour abroad after a few performances in Turkey.

Stage Shows
Anatolian Modern Folk
Costumes and Music dedicated just for this show